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Quiver Killer
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Quiver Killer

Quiver Killer

From $3,500.00

Quiver Killer


Kelson Bikes / DNA- Ultimate Gravel Bike

Includes: Frame, Fork & Headset

With the latest improvements and shift towards disc brakes for road and CX, is it possible to have one bike that will perform well with road/CX/or gravel tires? These where the questions I was asked in the Spring of 2015 sitting around a conference table at DNA Cycling. "Oh, and could you make it so that it could clear up to a 40mm tire?" (Chimed in one of the gurus of gravel riding) "I would like to ride singletrack on it every so often..." Sure....Why not! After all, it is becoming more frequent to see someone "multi purposing" their CX bike for road fondos, gravel grinders, and various events. 

The result after a summer of careful CAD designing, CNC machining molds in house, (not to mention a lot of restless nights and long hours) was the DNA geometry- AKA "Quiver Killer" born. A bike that does have the capability to perform well on the road and CX course plus adapt to destroy any gravel race - a true Dirt & Asphalt machine. Of course each frame is custom, so top tube, seat tube, and head tube lengths vary for each individual rider. We also layup and build all the tubing in house using the finest materials, fiber orientation and number of carbon plys are all taken into consideration according to rider height/weight. Carbon fiber and the ability to manufacture tooling in house has allowed us to "shape" tubes to fit the desired frame and component clearances while maintaining the geometry we prefer rather than compromising on geometry for the sake of a tube to clear a derailleur or fat tires. 

  1. Responsive quick turning- Shorter chain stay length (412-415). 
  2. Stability at high speeds- trail measurements from 58-61mm.
  3. Bottom bracket drop of 65-75mm
  4. "Connected" climbing-shorter chain stays and improved weight distribution
  5. Clearance for at least a 40mm tire. 
  6. Broad range of gearing options either 1X or compact 2X
  7. Light weight 900-1050 gram frame weight
  8. Torsionally stiff with some vertical compliance. 
  9. Interchangeable drop out inserts for different axle standards.

For now, we are offering a discount on the initial launch of the DNA Quiver Killer. The first 5 people wanting a full custom Quiver Killer will receive $1000 dollars off a FULL CUSTOM frame, ENVE cyclocross fork (12mm thru axle) and Chris King Inset 7 Headset. The total price of this insane bargain for a full custom frame/fork/headset being $4200.00. The other good news? If you are still eating up what you see here, we are offering limited stock size quantities for $3500.00- again, including frame, ENVE fork, and Chris King Headset. The stock sizes are basically a small (52 cm), medium (55 cm), and large (57 cm)- but order quick, these are limited to two frames per size.

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