Welcome to the Rouleur Devo Cycling Store!

The Rouleur Devo Store is open for a PRE-ORDER. This means between dates December 15th and January 1st you can place your order, on January 1st the order period expires, and then kits will be handcrafted and shipped to your respective addresses.

*Please note kits will be delivered approximately 8-10 weeks after January 1st.

After many years of helping our Rouleur athletes push towards competing at an elite level through our development program, we have decided to take a step towards a slightly different future and change the way we run Rouleur.  As we move towards a new team or club environment we want it to be open to all who want to be a part of the Rouleur culture and vibe.  We want to have fun on the bike, push ourselves to reach new heights and help our friends along the way to do the same as we become real all-rounders in life.  In the future we may start up our skills training camps and practices again (specifically for our jr riders) but for now we are just gonna focus on having fun with friends on the bike.  We will still go to some of the races and we will still do regular group rides together but we will ask that the riders on the team participate and help to make that happen the way they want vs it being a program run and directed by the team management. Basically we will go ride together and go to the races that we want to go to.  no more and no less.   We will set up a team snap group with everyone that joins and buys a team kit and set up some group rides and a loose race schedule through that but encourage the riders on the team to reach out to each other and invite your Rouleur buddies to go ride and race with you whenever and wherever you want to explore.  We look forward to our next adventure with you as we all work to become the all-rounders that is a Rouleur.