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Subscribe to the Sock of the Month Club and we'll send you a fresh pair of new DNA socks themed exclusively designed for the club members!

DNA Socks have an Average value of $17! Don't miss out and subscribe to the club. Exclusive giveaways and discounts will be offered to Sock of the Month Club Subscribers.

The gift that keeps on giving, literally. Gifting someone a subscription to the Sock of the Month Club is the absolute best gift for a cyclist. You can use someone else's address for the delivery address as well!

You will receive an exclusive pair of DNA Sock of the Month Club socks every month. The sock will be the same size you chose on your first order.

- Socks will ship at the beginning of the following month. You will receive an order confirmation email and tracking number.

- Socks will be unique and custom made for the members of the Sock of the Month Club every month.

- You can reach out to us to end your subscription after 3 months of subscribing.

- Socks will generally be our Performance Poly Pro socks with 1-2 Performance Merino Wool socks a year.

 Q & A - Here are some common questions we get asked if you have any questions that aren't answered, feel free to email us! 

Q: How does this work?
A: Once you place your first order, we'll ship you an exclusive pair of DNA Sock of the Month Club socks at the beginning of the following month. Every month after that on your order day we'll ship you a new pair of never seen before socks the same size as your first order. 

Q: Can I change or modify my subscription?

A: YES! Email us at help@dnacycling, and we can make adjustments to your subscription.

Q: Why Subscribe?

A: Every avid cyclist knows you can never have too many cycling socks! Our socks are very high quality and wanted to offer you a way for you to be able to access exclusive designs created by our team for a great price. By subscribing you save money and get access to socks you've never seen before. We hope you enjoy subscribing to this club, and down the road, you'll have exclusive access to giveaways and discounts! 


To manage your subscription or have any questions, please email 



Small/Medium = 6 - 9 US Men's Shoe Size
Large/XL = 9- 12 US Men's Shoe Size 

*A gift card can not be used on this product 

*This product cannot be discounted. 

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*If ordering you're a sock of the month subscription, please only have this item in your cart at check out. 

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Size SM/MD: 6 to 9
Color White